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I hate to leave you hanging, but I’m taking a hiatus for my own sake.

I am sorry guys
I can’t run this blog right now
I had a mental breakdown a few months ago

I’m sick of tumblr overall because of the drama that’s happened here. And I don’t mean just figuratively.
Literally, staying here for too long brings a wave of nausea. People have hurt me and I in turn have hurt people and been unable to forgive myself for it. I’m sorry. There is a point where I just can’t do it anymore.

Noragami Main Trio inspired Color Palettes

みぞれ | ほぼ怜ちゃんまとめ(漫画じゃない)

みぞれ | ほぼ怜ちゃんまとめ(漫画じゃない)